May 18, 2016

Thats right staggering

Havent seen numbers like this very often at all

We are back to Leigh’s results

Purely because when I went back and looked at the numbers I was even more blown away by them

So here we go

Waist she lost 10 inches!!

Yes, inches not centimeters

Hips she lost 6 inches

Legs she lost 3 inches per leg

Arms a total of 2.5 inches

That’s a total of 27 inches of unwanted fat taken off her body and 22kgs

Her husband is now complaining that she never stops she is always going, always doing something

Apparently the whole house and garden has had makeover because she it filled with some much energy

Her softball has improved out of sight she is fitter and faster

(Without ever doing a single second on a cardio machine)

Crazy right

And she has only been on the Targeted Fat Loss Program for a month

And those results are astronomical as well.

The Targeted Fat Loss Program is an exclusive bonus for my Premium Members

And I only take on limited spots for premium members

Once I have filled them that’s it.

So make sure you snap up one of those spots before it is to late

So until next time,

Lachlan “So Proud” Farley


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