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Over the last 2 decades, I’ve struggled with my weight and have tried, and failed, many methods.

The Steps of Greatness studio focuses on both exercise and diet in a small supportive setting. Lachlan has a genuine interest in my health and well being. He applies an innovative and fun approach to motivate his clients.

Whilst it hasn’t been easy and has required many early mornings, a willingness to change longstanding habits and being open to different approaches to exercise and diet, I have started to see many positive results. I’ve lost 22kgs, which equates to 4 dress sizes and can now wear my engagement and wedding rings. I have more energy and am a happier and healthier person.

I still have some way to go to reach my ultimate goal but have every confidence that I will achieve these with the continued support and focus from Lachlan and his trainer, Chris.

In addition to achieving these personal goals, I’ve been fortunate to meet some wonderful women who are also taking these steps to health and fitness. I find our exercise sessions to be filled with laughter and support which is personally enjoyable and rewarding.

Thinking back to when I first started, if you had said to me then; in 12 months I will have you fitting into size 10 clothes, not need any medication, lift more than I weigh, never sit on the sidelines but know I can give anything ago and still eat my favourite foods,  I would not have believed you.

It hasn’t all been easy, but I think the hardest thing to learn was when to eat my favourite foods……  After thinking, I could get away with it too much and too often, the scales soon remind me.

I no longer beat myself up over the number on the scales, I now know what to do and 10 short days I can get it back under control.

Trusting I can keep myself within my limits, now I have more of an idea what they are. If I knew what tomorrow was going to be, I would never start some things.

But I hate to think what tomorrow would be if I never started. I am sure I wouldn’t  be doing what I am now. What you sacrifice in the diet and the time to the workouts is soon made up in the increased confidence and physical ability and energy.

I would never have previously attempted anything that required energy but sat and watched everyone else have fun, now at least I give it a go. In the last 6 months, I have tried paddle boarding, ice skating, rock climbing, and a visit to treetops to name a few.

– Ann

Before I started training with Lachlan I was feeling very exhausted, frustrated, I had no energy and could not find the time in my day to go to the gym.

I had a goal, made a promise to myself that I would complete my bronze medallion lifesaving course but when it came down to the actual course I realised I had been away from the gym for so long I had no strength or energy to complete the course, I needed help ( actually a big kick up the bum!) I had worked myself into such a rut and made excuses for not getting up to exercise felt depressed and started bad eating habits.

After only one month into my training session and omg! The results were starting to show already, I have more energy, the aches in my joints started to disappear and I managed to finish my lifesaving course much earlier than I had anticipated.

I have energy and strength and no more flabby bits I really do feel great within myself and I have my confidence back.

Lachlan your a fantastic trainer with a great fun environment it’s a great vibe in your gym.

Thank you


“I have been going to training sessions with Lachlan at Steps to Greatness for a month now and have already lost over 5kg and am down a pants size.

I have never felt more motivated and supported in my weight loss missions, even my friends and family have made comments on my new found energy and commitment to the program.

Lachlan is a fantastic trainer who never fails to make me feel like I’ve worked hard both physically and mentally!”

– Katie

I have had Lachlan from STEP TO GREATNESS training me since April 2017. I started my journey very nervous and uncomfortable (didn’t like the thought of stepping into a gym).

After meeting Lachlan I felt more at ease and decided to start my journey to better health and fitness with him.

He designed a training and eating regime to suit my lifestyle, age and needs. As I am nearing 50 and had not done a lot of fitness training it had to be taken one step at a time.

I have met and trained with the nicest people, all of us with different needs and strengths but Lachlan caters for everyone’s individual needs. No one feels left out or feels unable to achieve their goals.

In the 4 months, I have been going to STEPS TO GREATNESS I have got fitter, healthier, happier in myself and have dropped 2 dress sizes and I am toning up all the wobbly bits.

I would highly recommend Lachlan from Steps to Greatness if you are wanting to achieve results that you and people can see. And achieve it in a healthy happy professional friendly atmosphere that is not intimidating (even for us old girls).

– Tracie

I became aware of Steps To Greatness when it popped up on my Facebook page, just before Christmas 2016. At the time, I had a 4-day walk in Tasmania booked for April and was contemplating what I could do to lose weight and increase my fitness.

I had tried other local gyms and a personal trainer in the past, but lost motivation and went back to my old habits.

So, after speaking to Lachlan, I took a leap of faith and joined up. Chris, our trainer, started us all off slowly, building up the exercises as we improved. Lachlan supplied suggested diet plans we could try and motivational videos, via Facebook.

Being a morning person, I go to the 6am class, five mornings a week. Our group is a mix of wonderful women who all support each other and make the classes a lot of fun.

I have some pre existing injuries, including 2 spinal surgeries and Chris is mindful of my limitations, always happy to modify exercises to suit me. It is nice to be treated as an individual, rather than a one size fits all approach.

By the time my Tasmanian walk came around, I had lost 12kg and many centimetres. It meant I could enjoy my walk with confidence in my improved fitness and I felt so much better.

I still have a way to go to reach my own goal weight and fitness level and I feel motivated and supported to continue. I would suggest to anyone, regardless of size or fitness level to come along and give it a try. You will be welcomed as part of the team and see what the Steps To Greatness style of training can do for you.

– Jan

When I first went to meet Lachlan from STG I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew I needed to get back into exercise to help with lower back problems but I didn’t want to go to a regular gym where you can get lost in the crowd.

I found what Lachlan has to offer at STG was perfect. Combining a mixture of weights & HIIT training meant that all workouts were different & could be adapted to my needs. His setup of semi-personal training in small groups is brilliant! You get the benefits of personal attention while the fun of working out with a group.

I also got really great results fast. Within a few weeks, my back pain had gone from a 7/10 to 2/10, my range of motion improved, I was stronger, I had lost weight & inches.

STG also has a great community. The people I workout with are friendly & supportive. Being a small group you really get to know each other & have lots of fun.

I’ve never looked back since joining STG. There is so much value in this little gym. Lachlan’s passion for health & fitness means he is always educating himself in the latest nutritional & exercise information. Workouts are always changing so it’s always challenging, never boring. As a result what Lachlan can help people achieve is amazing.

– Simone

I’ve been training with Lachlan for three months, and in that time have experienced enormous changes for the better.

Apart from losing weight and increasing muscle mass, I’ve noticed huge improvements in my energy levels and vitality, as well as benefits for my mood and state of mind.

Lachlan is an excellent trainer who really knows his stuff – and his approach goes well beyond lifting weights to encompass nutrition and lifestyle factors.

He is an effective, intelligent and inspiring personal trainer who really cares about his job and his clients. If you’re looking for a personal trainer who really gets results, you can’t go past Lachlan.

– Rosie

I have achieved so many things that I never dreamt possible since writing this testimonial 6 months ago that I need to update it.

My Doctor was so impressed with the weight loss and improved overall heath, that he stopped all my prescription medication and wanted your details.

I had a really annoying cough which was a side effect, it too has gone. My chiropractor just couldn’t stop commenting “ You look so amazing and you don’t compare with your previous notes.”

I have never felt or looked so good, I have replaced my wardrobe from size 18-20 with size 10-12 this has been awesome. Also being able to keep up with or beat those a lot younger than me has enabled me to join in activates I would never have thought of before.

I will admit it hasn’t always been easy but the support, help and advice whenever I needed it has been invaluable. For anyone wanting to see results, this is the way to go!”


I have been training with “The Steps to Greatness” for a couple of months now.

With Lachlan suggesting I tried the 10 Day Challenge my first thought was this isn’t for me.  But after a few training sessions and a visit to the Dr, it was time to try.

The results I have achieved from the 10 Day Challenge has been truly amazing – something I never thought possible.

It was a challenge and it involved totally changing the way I looked at food and exercise.

I enjoy the variety of each training sessions as well being able to see improvements over time. I also really appreciated the daily support to face each day’s challenge of the diet etc.

I am looking forward to hitting that next weight loss goal – It is now in sight a couple of months sooner than I ever dreamed possible.