The Blacklist

August 29, 2016

Now as I mentioned the other day I’ve been binge watching TV a little bit

One of the shows I have been watching with my fiancée is the blacklist

The basic concept is that there is a fugitive who has been on the FBI’s most wanted list for a few decades and he suddenly turns himself in

With no explanation of why until he speaks to a specific agent

Once they get her, he divulges that he has, what he dubs the blacklist

This blacklist is a list of criminals he has deemed to have taken it to far and need to be stopped.

Basically a list of the worst of the worst, that he wants to help the FBI catch in exchange for immunity and a few things along the way.

So this made me think

What is your blacklist?

The list of things that you deem to be too awful, that must be changed.

The worst of the worst

Now everyone would have one of these lists

Hell I do

Just because the things on the list change doesn’t mean the list goes away

So what’s on your list?

Can’t play with the kids without getting out of breath?

Those flights of stairs killing you

Or is it the things you really don’t want to talk about?

The one’s I hear all the time are;

“Bingo wings”

“Love Handles”

“Saggy Butt”

The list goes on

Now what if you could go to someone and they crossed these things off your list one by one until they where all gone?

Wouldn’t that be something you would be interested in…?

I thought so

Well as I mentioned last week I am opening up Septembers spots for a FREE Transformation Session early

Just for you!

So if you are interested

Now is the time

Don’t hesitate any longer

Because the longer you leave those things on the blacklist

The less chance of you ever making it happen

NOW is the time!

Just comment below and we will make this happen for you.

Not only that but we guarantee our results or you train for FREE!

That’s all I have for you

Until next time,

Lachlan “Blacklist Assassin” Farley


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