The Cookie Cutter Problem

May 20, 2016

It basically boils down to this…

Knowledge Vs Experience

This is one I come across all the time

Knowledge vs experience what is more valuable

I thought of this the other day, in my continued pursuit of knowledge I was taking a course of biomechanics

Fascinating stuff if you are me

But while taking this course I noticed 2 things.

1. This guy could put a wall to sleep, he was so boring in his delivery.

And 2. The things he was describing and instructing us to do would never work in a practical setting.

This is where his theoretical knowledge maybe good, but it has no transfer over to what actually takes place in real life.

And I see this often when it comes to diet and training programs

They go here is the perfect formula

Fantastic, now all you have to do is quit your job and eat, breath and sleep perfect nutrition and training practices

To the point where I have worked with other trainers and have looked at the programing and gone I couldn’t even follow this, it is to strict and doesn’t allow a life

And this is the issue

No one takes into account you have a life.

This is where experience comes into play

When you have experience you understand what it is like, you understand the training and having a family, you understand that you can’t always eat a perfect meal, you can’t always manage exactly 220g of chicken.

Life isn’t that cookie cutter

So why would anyone try and pretend it is

I pride myself on having gone through anything and everything that I would give to a member.

So if it sucks, I completely get it. I’ve been there so I can help you through that.

If I haven’t guinea pigged it on myself there is no chance of it getting anywhere near a member.

Because how can I be sure it works?

But now there is one that trumps experience, because there is a lot of meat heads that have a lot of experience but you still shouldn’t really listen to them

And that’s knowledge + experience, this is the winning combination

And one that I have spent nearly a decade acquiring.

And I want to put this combo to use for YOU!

During winter most people will drop off their good habits because it is damn hard to be healthy when it is cold.

And then come summer they get into this mad scramble about being healthy and in shape.

So I am here to put a stop to it for you.

Join our family today and we will ensure that come summer you are in the best shape of your life.

So I look forward to helping you through those cold months and loving life when the sun emerges again.

Until next time,

Lachlan “Knowledge + Experience” Farley

And as a little side note, the cold isn’t as bad when you get fitter.


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