The Daddy Paradox

May 20, 2016

This is one that still baffles me

And greatly upsets Sam my fiancée

You see we are heavily involved in her nieces life, we take her out on the weekends, swimming lessons all that kind of stuff.

Anyway so we noticed this interesting thing was happening whenever Sam would have the baby she would get judged very harshly

And whenever I would have the baby, I would get looks of admiration and look at that good guy kind of thing

At first we thought we where imagening it, but no it happens all the time

Especially when I take her out by myself

There seems to be this notion that because she looks like our child that Sam is this stupid girl for getting knocked up, but I am this great guy because I stayed to help with the kid.

It is very bizarre to say the least, but this seems to be how society views it

So I told Sam to ignore them, because helping out with the kid makes her happy and thats all that matters.

And that’s how it should be for you to.

I have seen it many times, when you start the journey of losing weight, you will get judged. Especially if you join a gym.

There is a lot of judgement in a gym,

If you aren’t already stick thin they judge you

Which I have never understood

I have more respect for the beginner who is putting their heart and soul into a workout than I do for someone who has been there for years and just coasts through and never really tries.

This is the exact reason why I set up my own private studio so there is no judgment, just training, a fun environment and results.

I still get judged when I workout in public gyms, but it’s ok I’ve got a thick skin.

But you shouldn’t be exposed to that

So come try my personalized studio, work with other women who or on the same path as you and together we can transform your body and your life.

I look forward to the opportunity,

Until next time,

Lachlan “The Apparent Good Dad” Farley


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