The Devil Is In The Details

September 6, 2016

Have you ever heard this phrase before?

It is my understanding it is often referred to in law

That everything can look fine on the surface but in the nitty gritty that’s where the trouble lies

It’s important to always pay attention to the small things they can often make the biggest difference

So I was reading a book about the ketogenic diet the other day and it had the origin of dieting and ketosis in it

One of the things it discussed was fasting and how it had come into practice and then fallen back out of practice again

So apparently what they used to do was make people fast for incredibly long periods of time

Like one of the studies made the subjects fast for a full YEAR

Yes you read that right


And your telling me you can’t skip breakfast

All they had for a full year was nutrients in the form of supplements and water

As you can imagine they decided to end this method because after a year they had lost incredible amounts of weight, but they determined that at least 50% was muscle mass

So not what you want.

At all actually

So it comes down to the devil in the details

That fasting is a very effective method when used in conjunction with the correct details

That you need to provide the right nutrients either side of the fast

The right types of food must be eaten

And getting the right exercise in conjunction with fasting is a must!

And this will all allow for the correct hormones to be released for better results

Once again the details

So let me give you a quick run down of those details

You want to have carbs the night before a fast to spike your insulin for better weight loss

When you finish your fast don’t eat carbs eat protein and vegetables only

And you want to be doing weight training not steady state cardio to really shred that extra fat.

So there you are…

The devil is gone from the details

And now you have some simple ways to crush it and make the most out of your fasting and fat burning.

Until next time

Lachlan “The Devil Vanquisher” Farley


Tomorrow I will explain about how hydrogen ions are the key to lean sexy muscle

And possibly what hydrogen ions are


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