The End Is Nigh

June 2, 2016

Honestly it was

Within a whisper of success

And then it all disappeared

Everything they had worked for was gone

And it was there fault.

I was watching the NBA finals,

And I love basketball, but anyway

They play best of 7 games in the finals

One of the teams was in the drivers seat pretty much the whole series

They should have won the series

But they hit an obstacle, and they slowed

Then they hit another one and they gave up

Just gave up,

The end was nigh

Everything they wanted

Everything they had worked an entire year for was within their reach and they gave up.

It was hard to watch

(Except I support the other team, but thats not the point)

This is something I see all the time in fat loss and general health

Women do all the hard work, they sacrifice for the goals

They do what is required day in and day out

And then they start to get results, things are changing

Just as they are about to cross the line, get everything they wanted

They hit a bump in the road

Then another one

And another one

Because the end is harder than the start because it’s not longer urgent

Then the unthinkable they give up

Inches away from what they want

So don’t stop,

Dont quit

Keep going

Because pushing that bit further forward is where all the rewards are

It is time for you!

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And never worry about speed bumps again.

Lachlan “Speed Bump Buster” Farley


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