The Female Issue

May 20, 2016

Now I Honestly had no idea it was this bad

Until it was fully illustrated to me the other day

Now before you bite my head off for being misogynistic hear me out

Because I am actually on your side

My fiancee bought a pair of underpants

Same size as always

And they where ridiculously small

Like it was stupid how small they where

She showed me and I was shocked and just kinda assumed that she had bough the wrong size

She was now convinced that she had gotten fat, and I had to spend a good amount of time convincing her other wise

But this is the problem with buying female clothes

The best way that I have ever heard this described is that this size will fit you if; you where born under a crescent moon, during the month of may, while a wild dog howled, a warm brezze flowed through the room. And you haven’t eaten since friday, and you went for a run exactly 3 hours and 7 minutes ago.

This is how much female sizes can vary.

Where is if you are guy an XL is an XL.

Let me put this in perspective, my father in law who has a pot belly, broad shoulders, and fairly short is an XL

One of my mates who is 6’4 and stick thin is an XL

And me who is fit and athletic is also an XL

And it doesn’t matter where you buy the clothes that will always be the case

But as I am now discovering if you are a women your size can vary within the same brand.

Like that is truly ridiculous

It makes me go, no wonder women have self-esteem issues

When you are judged so heavily by yourself and others based on size and you can shift sizes up down the scale for no apparent reason.

I’d have body issues as well.

So I get it

But I am also here to tell you that it shouldn’t define you

This shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself

You should judge yourself on how you feel, on you think your body looks, and what makes you feel comfortable

If that dress doesn’t fit in your normal size, don’t worry about it

Move towards loving your body and taking steps so that you feel comfortable rocking whatever outfit it is

The numbers might not change like society deems they should but if you wake up and look in the mirror and say I feel fit, healthy and confident, then you my friend have won the battle.

So ignore the female issue

And take it into your own hands

You control how you feel

And on that same note, if you don’t like how you feel you can fix that.

All it takes is a single step

One action towards better health and fitness.

Until next time,

Lachlan “Baffled By Sizes” Farley


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