The Game’s We Play

September 12, 2016

In my opinion life is a game and we are always playing some sort of game it just comes down to the rules and which game you are playing

One of the most common games I see is the diet or training game

So here is the version I am referring to because there are a couple different ones.

In this game it often goes like this; “Have you heard about this brand new super secret exercise/diet…?”

It is amazing

So you try it, see how it goes

And then a couple of weeks later

Oh no, you have to try this super wonderful amazing exercise/diet

The cycle continues

Here is the truth….

There is no secret technique

Most things that can be done are already out there

Yes knew information comes out all the time


It needs to be proved and tested

Most of the time it isn’t a secret

Except for the one I am about to tell

It is the ultimate hush hush exercise

haha I kid

However, it is a great one to add into your arsenal

But honestly the thing is, most exercises or diet will work if you give them the opportunity and not change when the next wonderful thing comes along.

So if you have been apart of my FREE Fb group you would have seen that one of the best and most hated exercises you can do is…


And if you aren’t apart of the group, why not…?

You need to get on that, I get even more excited and teach you next level stuff on video.

What’s not to love!

But I digress

Anyway, so I was talking about sprinting to tone up your abs, burn more fat and develop that lean body you have been looking for.

But as you can imagine a lot of people turned up their nose at that one

So I have an alternative to that

If you want all the exact details join the fb group ^^^^

^^^ Hint, Hint ^^^

The video is already up

But I’m off topic again

So what do you do?

Weighted carries


I know what you thinking;

What the hell is he on about

Let me explain

These are easier and harder than sprints

Similar outcome less dramatic

But basically what you do is get a weight (there is many different forms and methods you can do) and walk

It is that simple

What will happen is you will have to engaged your core, your body will be working over time and it will burn fat

It’s absolutely fantastic, I have been adding them at the end of every workout recently, it is working wonders.

So the simple method pick a moderate weight and walk for 3 minutes, minimum.

It will get tough really quickly

But you will be stunned at what will happen

Repeat 3x

That’s it

As I said jump on the group and I’ll show you the different variations

But it’s simple and will make a dramatic change for you.

That’s all I have

So enjoy

Until next time,

Lachlan “Weighted Down” Farley

P.s I was serious about the group, you wont regret it


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