The Pavlova

May 18, 2016

This is a story that you dont want to miss

It pretty much sums my eating habits up in one go

You see I was notorious for the amount of food I could eat and would just generally consume

At dinner time with my family there would be a chicken for me and a chicken for everyone else

Now things have kinda calmed down as of gotten older

So generally speaking I dont consume such large quantities of food

Except for my cheat days

So this happened to be one of those days, I was over for dinner at a friends house

We had a lovely dinner, then they had made this beautiful pavlova for desert

Someone made the foolish mistake of getting me to portion it up

So I counted how many people where there and I cut it into that many pieces

This seemed logical to me

Let me put into perspective how big this thing was

They had expected at least 2/3 to be left at the end

Not gonna happen

So I served it up and everyone just kinda looked at it

Then we dug in and you know what happened despite them thinking these serves where way to big everyone ate every bite and loved it

So why do I tell you this?

Well sometimes all it takes is for someone else to show you there perspective on things

I know not the best example large amounts of food when talking about fitness

But I think it is appropriate

Because I still get my clients to eat whatever they want on occasion

And when it comes to training, so often I see so women wasting hours on the treadmill or cardio equipment trying to lose weight

But this is a very slow and ineffective method

Using weight training and High Intensity Interval Training will get you not only better results, but quicker results

This is what I exclusively use

But sometimes you need to see it from someone else perspective to get that paradigm shift into something that will actually work for you

So trust me when I say that this method will change everything for you


Until next time,

Lachlan “Big Eater” Farley


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