The Remedy For A Long Week

July 10, 2017

Let’s be honest… we have all been there.
Some weeks are just longer than others.
They take their toll on the body.
On your emotions.
And just you in general.
Now, this can be amplified if you are new to any training or if you have been stepping up the level of effort put into said training. 
You get to the weekend, and you are just exhausted, and it is time to recharge.
So the question then becomes, ‘how?’
Veg out on the couch and watch TV.
Unlikely you still have things to do.
Sleep in a bit.
As we discussed earlier this week, this isn’t the best option.
So what then? 
Let me help you out. 
Now you may notice some of these are doubling up.
And that’s because I want to drive home how important they are and how effective they can be. 
If you can swing it, make it happen. 
Without further ado, let’s begin. 
Keep It Moving 
Now I know this may seem odd when I’m discussing the down time of a long week. 
But have you ever noticed that if you stop and sloth around how suddenly you feel 1000x worse? 
I’m not saying don’t take it easy, but a day of sitting after a full on week will most likely kick you harder than doing something. 
That’s why I would recommend getting out of the house and doing something. 
Anything really, just keep moving.
It’s one of the reasons why we have added in a walking group on Sundays for the STG family, to get that little extra exercise, to keep going on the weekends and of course to enjoy good company and hang out. 
But it doesn’t have to be that structured, walking around a shopping center (I know dangerous for the wallet, but still) or even just cleaning the house. 
Movement Is The Key
As a side benefit, this is what we call NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Time) which has been shown to produce great extra fat burning, boosting of metabolism and overall health. 
In fact, the difference between good results and great results can be found in what you do during the day on a daily basis. But that’s a story for another day. 
There is a great book called “Unplugged” by Brian Mackenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin, and Phil White. This talks about disconnecting from technology and getting out into the world. 
I was having this discussion the other day with a client about how addicted we are, and you would be shocked at the difference it can make to you recharging and feeling more vibrant, happy and ready to go. 
So my recommendation and this is something I aim to do on the weekends is to leave my phone at home, or at the very least put it on airplane mode, so that I can only access it if I need it. 
You would be shocked at the difference this will make to your health, how you feel emotionally and how much your relationships improve. 
We have spoken a lot this week about relaxing, ways to distress and calm the body, so I am not going to go over them in detail again. 
But utilize them; Hot bath, foot bath, meditation, reading, journaling, and so on. 
Take advantage of these things; you will thank me later during the week.
Remove Tension 
So in one of the videos this week I spoke about myofascial release and how beneficial this can be.
Now if you missed that, I am going to keep it simple. 
1.    Refer to the video it was sent out on Wednesday. 
2.    Basically, it means self-massage. 
So you can do this with any kind of ball, a foam roller, a thera cane, or if you got someone who loves you, get them to do it for you. 
This will help promote blood flow, increase flexibility and eliminate toxins build up and trigger point that may have formed. 
If you would like a more detailed version on how to do that, make sure you let me know, and I will create a video series for you. 
Be Grateful 
I know this isn’t a fitness one, but honestly, we have been blurring the lines for a while here. 
I am to give you everything and anything that I have learned that will assist you in your life. 
And gratitude has a surprising effect on your emotional health, and how you prime for the next week.
Especially if you have had a bad week, writing down everything that you are grateful for and that you are thankful for that happened this past week, will allow you to move forward in a more positive mindset. 
It sounds trivial but the mental shift from being unhappy about what has gone down this week, to feeling happy and grateful for all the amazing things in your life is incredible. 
Make A Plan
This one is a bit rich coming from a guy who has spent most of his life flying by the seat of his pants. 
But I know that my life not only flows better but feel better when I make a plan and at least attempt to follow through. 
This is one of the big things we do every week for our clients; we plan the programs in advance, we have everything planned out and tailored to their needs, so that every time they step foot in the gym, they are getting the absolute most out of it. 
And you should do the same. 
This doesn’t have to be some elaborate plan, working out every minute of every day, although I do know people who work best in these situations. 
But you should have a good idea of what’s the out comes for the coming week. 
I know I said this is about unwinding from a long week, but this is a component. 
Psychologically you will feel better about the coming week if it doesn’t seem so daunting. 
Set The Outcomes
This flows directly from the last one. 
Set some goals for the week, make the definable, measurable, achievable and with a deadline.
This is very important. 
In the coming week’s I will be discussing the exact process of goal setting, but for now, mark off the above things, and you will be heading in the right direction. 
Setting goals again will help you feel more focused and ready for the coming week. 
Plus may contribute to you not feeling so run down at the end of next week. 
In my books, that’s a win-win. 
Last Resort… 
If all else fails kick back with a glass of wine, good food, great company and enjoy yourself. 
Because let’s face it, what is the point of life if you can’t enjoy the good things in it at least now and then?
And that is one of the biggest things I always aim to instill, is that yes we should always strive to lead the healthiest life possible, but if you aren’t going to enjoy the other things along the way, what’s the point. 
Health, fitness, weight loss, whatever it may be is a journey and overall a lifestyle choice. 
But if you sacrifice everything you enjoy in the process, you will never maintain it, and you will end up resenting it. 
And that’s just a bad path to go down. 
Everything in moderation can mean the difference between long-term success and imploding. 
Finding life balance is the key. 
If you are ready for a change, to find that life balance and to see the results that you deserve and to maintain them long term. Reach out today or book a call by clicking here and we can walk you through the best plan to help you change your life. 
That’s it for today. 
Until next time 
Lachlan “Relaxing” Farley


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