The Truth

May 18, 2016

It’s a scary thing

Often we hide from it

Tell ourselves little stories to keep us happy and away from the truth

But sadly there will come a point where that isn’t posible anymore or even worse is when something shows you the truth

This is often the case with health and fitness that we tell ourselves it isn’t that bad

I can fix it at any time, no worries

Or we compare ourselves to others, see they are worse than I am

It often isn’t until we have a reality check that we decide something needs to be done

Something needs to change

This can come in many different forms;

A visit to the doctor

Realising that you can’t keep up with the kids/grandkids

That the things used to hurt a little bit, now hurt a lot

It is never to late, but when you get these reality checks it often means you have to take action right that second because other wise it could truly be to much of a struggle back.

And then sometimes you get the really positive reality checks.

One of my members was doing deadlifts, she was using 35kgs and she exclaimed this is very heavy (true statement, she managed it just fine)

How much is it, and I told her.

She just stopped and looked at me and said did you know this is how much I have lost.

I smiled back at her and just nodded and said now can you understand why everything was so difficult?

These are the kinds of wake up calls you want, to realize how far you have come and how much you have achieved.


Until next time,

Lachlan “The Dream Facilitator” Farley


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