We Need To Talk

May 19, 2016

Sounds serious

Almost always ominous

And in this case very much so

He stormed into my studio

Clearly very angry,

Puzzled I enquired how I could help him today

And he replied “cut the funny business, and tell me what you are doing with my wife”

Puzzled further again, because I have no idea who this man is or who his wife is.

Turns out she was a member

And I enquired into what he thought I was doing

He said all this kinky business

My wife comes to see you 5x a week and is often complaining about how sore her ass is

So I want to know what kind of business you are running here.

I couldn’t help myself I laughed

Which of course only made the whole situation worse

I just simply looked at him and asked if he had spoken to his wife about this?

And he said no, because he didn’t want to cause a fight.

Well I suggested he talk to her about it, because I can guarantee that her ass is sore from exercise, nothing kinky going on here.

She wanted a more defined butt, for you!

He kind of stopped looked at me sheepishly and apologized and left.

Crazy day, all I could do was laugh.

But the point of view you take on something that is said can completely change the out come

If you view making a healthy change as difficult or impossible for you.

Then there is a good chance it is.

But if you decide that it is possible, what is stopping you?

I have countless stories, testimonials and pictures to prove that anything is possible if you just put in the work and decide to make it happen.

So whats your point of view?

Are you willing to be open and see whats possible or are you going to stick on the wrong point and end up wishing you talked it through first.

If you are ready to have that conversation

Book an appointment today and we will walk you through everything that you need to know.

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Until next time,

Lachlan “Husband Tammer” Farley


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