What Do I Get? (Blaxland)

November 3, 2016

Now this is a question that I keep getting so let me explain.

As you may know we are going to be opening a new space in Blaxland, this one will be dedicated to our large concept group training.

More people, more energy, more fun, same great results.

So what is it and what do I get.

At the moment we haven’t even opened yet, but we are taking on founding members so that when we do open we are rolling right out of the gate.

And this is an amazing opportunity for you, because as a founding member you will get benefits that will never be available again.

To start off with we are offering a lifetime founding member price of $39 a week, this is discounted and we only have limited numbers at this price, so don’t hesitate on that.

So what do I get if I become a founding member?

You will get priority access and class options when we open.

Unlimited sessions! That’s right you can attend as many sessions a week as your can handle. Each session will run for an hour and will be run by one of our amazing trainers, who will guide you through the exercises and make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

You will receive exclusive access to our Fb group (this group is kept private and normally only for our premium clients) this will have nutrition guidelines, extra workouts, recipes, tips and more.

What happens in each session?

Well each session will last an hour, in that session you will be run through a series of exercises that are designed to burn fat, strengthen the body, tone muscle, create flexibility and mobility, improve aerobic capacity and most importantly give you the health and fitness that you have been looking for.

You will be shown at the beginning how to do all the exercises, you will then pick a station, our trainer will tell you the times and rounds and the clock start and we get going. The music is pumping, heart rate is up and it is just an amazing time.

Plus with the groups we found it is a great way to chat and make friends, many of our clients end up being friends, because you share this amazing journey together.

So there, you have it everything you need to know about this exciting new adventure that will be opening in the very near future.

Now I know you are just to excited to get involved become a founding member get all this great stuff, plus the secret bonuses that haven’t been revealed yet.

So what you need to do is call or text us on 0418 246 741 simply tell us that you are interested in being a founding member and we will take care of the rest.

We are so excited to have you apart of this incredible program and to be with us on our journey as we grow this, and change your life at the same time.

We also wanted to say thank you for your support, it means the world to us and we will ensure that we can deliver 10 fold for you.

Thanks again
Your coach


Owner of Steps to Greatness

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