What Happend To Leigh

May 18, 2016

I was truly gob smacked

Like mouth on the floor staggered

And you know what I witnessed it happen and I still couldn’t believe it

So prepare yourself this isn’t just any story this is a jaw dropper, eye opening, unbelievable one.

But I swear every single word is true

Here is what Leigh had to say

“Over the last 2 decades I’ve struggled with my weight and have tried, and failed, many methods.

The Steps of Greatness studio focusses on both exercise and diet in a small supportive setting. Lachlan has a genuine interest in my health and well being. He applies an innovative and fun approach to motivate his clients.

Whilst it hasn’t been easy and has required many early mornings, a willingness to change longstanding habits and being open to different approaches to exercise and diet, I have started to see many positive results. I’ve lost 22kgs, which equates to 4 dress sizes and can now wear my engagement and wedding rings. I have more energy and am a happier and healthier person.

I still have some way to go to reach my ultimate goal but have every confidence that I will achieve these with the continued support and focus from Lachlan and his trainee, Chris.

In addition to achieving these personal goals, I’ve been fortunate to meet some wonderful women who are also taking these steps to health and fitness. I find our exercise sessions to be filled with laughter and support which is personally enjoyable and rewarding.


Absolutely blown away by how well she has done

And you should see the before picture, it’s not the Leigh I know

They are up on the testimonial page

A true testement to what is possible when you decide to make a change

Evidence that you can achieve anything if you put the work in.

So until next time,

Lachlan “Utterly Amazed” Farley



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