What Happened to J

August 23, 2016

Now J has a had a game changer of a time

She has truly been blown away with what has happened and so quickly

You see when J came to us she needed help, she needed a second chance

She had tried before and it really hadn’t worked

And there where things out of her control just making the situation worse

So we worked it out and got her started

Now we always recommend 3x a week to ensure results, but J could only do 2x a week.

I was so touched by her story that we made it work

And within the first 2 weeks she had lost 2 inches from her stomach

This was truly an amazing achievement, and I was so proud of her

But she then turns to me and says “You guys are amazing I worked with another trainer before and we worked for years and I think I lost 2 inches, and 7kgs. We work for a couple of weeks and I’ve lost that off my stomach alone”

I was blown away

Because here our mission is to deliver amazing results

To show you what is truly possible and not just to lose inches and kilos but to change your life.

Give you back your confidence, your health, your happiness.

And to think that J invested years of her life and didn’t even get close to what I would consider acceptable results in 12 weeks, it broke my heart.

But I was overwhelmed that she could now see the results that she deserved.

Because I have never met anyone who deserved her happy ending more than J.

So today, I want to be honest with you and give you the brutal truth.

If you are putting in the work, trying your hardest and following the rules and not seeing the results…

Please stop, evaluate what you are doing and reach out today!

I want to change your life

I want you to get the results that you deserve for putting in the work.

Reach out right now and make that change

Stop sitting on the fence

Get the help that will get you the results that you desire so much

There are two options you can take on this;

You can join our online training community, get weekly workouts, nutrition guidelines, weekly topics, Q and A, all questions answered and more.

Or you can apply for one of the 10 transformation sessions available for September. I’m only opening these early for you, because you are here.

This an opportunity for us to sit down walk through where you are and where you want to be, we will do a body analysis so then we can map out a plan to get you what you want in the most effective, efficient and quickest way possible that will last long term.

So stop settling for average to no results and take action today and get to the place you deserve to be.

That’s All I have for you

Until next time,

Lachlan “Nothing But The Best For You” Farley


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