Why Isn’t It Working?

August 16, 2017

Let’s run through a scenario that happens quite frequently.

When you come in for a transformation session one of the questions that get’s asked all the time is “Why isn’t it working?”

I tried X program and Y diet, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill every day, and nothing changed.

Why not?

Well, there are a few different answers and if this is something you have suffered from in the past, let’s sort it out for you today.

1. No One Is Youer Than You

This is a big one, and it comes up a lot. You see someone else doing this program, or you read about it on the internet about this fantastic program or the quick start guide that you can use.

So you try it out, and nothing happens.

Not everything is suited to everyone, yes some basics will be followed, but some things require tweaking and changing to suit you.

This is especially true when it comes to diet. One size doesn’t fit all. That’s is why here at STG we have multiple options we can take to help you reach your goal because everyone is different and one thing isn’t going to work for everyone.

So consider who you are and your lifestyle before just jumping into a new diet option, because at the end of the day the best diet is the one you will stick to, regardless of how effective it is.

Becuase you could be on the best diet in the world but if you won’t do it, doesn’t mean anything.

2. Let’s push it

When it comes to workouts, the intensity is a big one, because the honest truth is most people aren’t working hard enough.

Now you may say that you sweat or get out of breath or wake up sore in the morning, but these aren’t direct indicators of how good a workout is.

I could give you a workout that would make your sore for a week and yet would have little to no positive impact on your health and fitness.

The question then becomes are you giving it your all in each workout, are you pushing yourself?

Then it depends on your goals, what are you trying to achieve; weight loss, fat burning, strength, muscle toning, etc. These all have very different intensity levels.

So understanding how hard to work and when is a crucial part of your success.

3. Here, There and Nowhere

We have a minimum of 3x a week here at STG, and that is by design. Because you need to show up consistently week in and week out to get results.

And 3x a week is the minimum you will need to commit to, to see the results you are looking for.

But here is how it usually goes, you get super motivated, you sign up for the gym or some boot camp thing, and you go as many times as you can each week, you are feeling fabulous, and things are going great.

Then you work schedule changes, or a family thing comes up, or simply get to the end of the day and you are exhausted, so you give it a miss that day, then the next day and the day after that. Before you know it, it has been weeks, and it is all too hard to start again, so you just call it off.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s pretty standard, and it leads me into my next point.

4. All By Myself

No accountability is by far the biggest killer of success I see, and it something that comes up super frequently when I talk about reaching your goals.

And it is the one I can not emphasize enough because too many people like the example above can justify it to themselves, but with accountability from an external source, there is that incentive to push forward and keep going.

5. Vivid Or Vague

Yes I am back to goal setting again, but goal setting is a game changer, it matters more than you could imagine, because as stated above it’s easy to justify it to yourself especially if your goals are vague and uninspiring.

Le’ts look at an example and see which one is more motivating

I want to lose some weight


I will have lost three dress size’s by the 16th of November; I will feel happy, confident and proud of my results. I will buy a new dress for our wedding anniversary and will look beautiful in it. I will have completely changed my life and be over flowing with energy every day.

Which one is better?

Number 2?

Of course, because this gives you something measurable and something you can see, and a reason why.

This is motivating

I want to lose weight is a dream and something that won’t inspire you to make a change.

If you haven’t read my article on goal setting make sure you go back and read that first.

Changing Your Life

Setting goals like this will help you succeed.

6. Program Hopping

Program hopping is where you get shiny object syndrome on your diet or your workout plan and every couple of weeks you find the next great thing, and you move onto that instead.

What happens with this is that you never allow your body to start seeing the results from the progressions as the program or diet continued.

Everyone want’s quick results and I get that, but if you never stick to anything longer than a few weeks you are never going to achieve them.

The saying we use is it takes four weeks for you to notice a change, eight weeks for those closest to you to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice. Stick with something that has some backing for 12 weeks and if at that point no change then makes a big change of plans.

7. The Collector

Not going to lie this was me for a long while, and this can be ok in the workout sense (sometimes) but is a massive issue in the diet sense.

With all my research I would find new things, and I would be like that’s fantastic, and I would add them to my program, and it would just go on like this until it was just this jumble of different concepts.

It sort of worked because there was enough to keep moving me forward but by no means was there enough there for me to truly get the benefits because I was mixing and matching.

But when it comes to nutrition and eating better this can be the cardinal sin. Just because it is healthy in one sense doesn’t mean it automatically falls into healthy on what you are doing.

When it comes to nutrition, there are general paths you can take and work with in certain concepts and cross pollinating ideas means that you are in for a rough ride.

Let me put it this way if you combined water and oil in a glass they would separate. Both of them have their place and work well within those, but combine them just doesn’t work.

That’s the same for diets, just because you can combine them doesn’t mean you should.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what concept you pick, but once you pick it, stay in that lane. I promise you will be better off in the long run.

8. Blind faith

Then we have the other end of the spectrum of the program hopper, blind faith that it will work.

I have seen people at box gyms who go in every day, they bust their ass, and nothing ever changes, and I mean years go by, and nothing changes.

That is heart breaking.

You need to be tracking your progress and if nothing changes make tweaks and keep moving forward.

We have a two week check in policy here at STG, which means every two weeks you book in to track your progress if nothing has happened, we will look at what has been going on and adjust accordingly.

If there isn’t progress there should be a shift, this doesn’t mean throwing away the program it means making some slight tweaks and moving forward from there.

Small adjustments add up to significant results.

That’s it for today, eight reasons why you don’t see results.

Tune in next time for the quick fixes on these and more to push you towards real world results.

Until then

Lachlan “Here For Your Results” Farley






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