Why You Keep Failing, (2 Points)

July 30, 2016

I know harsh

But sometimes it needs to be

Because all I want for you is to see you succeed

To get the result we both know that you deserve

But I’m going to let you off the hook

Because you didn’t know better

And that’s ok

So lets run through what normally happens when people decide to make a change

They join a gym

Or start a diet

And it goes something along the lines of;

I want to lose weight

Tone up

Be healthy

Get rid of my flabby stomach

Bingo wings


Those are some great goals

And ones that you should focus on

But there is 2 things wrong with this

1. Those are so broad that you can’t really define them or know if you are getting there.

2. Why?

These are the most important factors when it comes to starting something difficult.

You need to set clear, measurable goals

I will lose 10kgs

I will lose 3 inches off my arms

I will Take 5 inches off my stomach

I will be a size 12

These can be tracked, you can see your results, you know how far you have come and how far to go.

The add a date to complete it by

This is important

If you just want to lose your stomach, you will be constantly unhappy until it is completely gone and this takes time.

So the chances of you giving up along the way are 10x greater

And then the other one, you need a reason why!

This is crucial if the reason for changing doesn’t bring you closer to pleasure or further away from pain.

And it matters to you, it wont last

That burst of motivation when it gets hard wont last.

So attach a reason to it

I will be in shape for the Christmas family gathering

I need to be there for my kids

I have an event that I need to be in shape for

I need to lose weight to get pregnant

These attach big reasons to those goals, and when it gets hard, you will remember these and make it happen.

So next time you start something,

Set goals like this

And I promise you the chances of being successful just sky rocketed.

That’s all I have

Until next time,

Lachlan “Goal Setter Master Supreme” Farley

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