Why’d The Chicken Cross The Road

September 6, 2016

The time old classic

Everyone has heard this one

Often with little explanation

So let me tell you a story

The other day as I was leaving the gym

I got held up, there was an issue up ahead

When I got to it I could not believe my eyes, I sat there and just laughed

Is this real life

Apparently so

There it was, middle of Katoomba

And not 1

Not 2

Not 3

But 4 chickens where crossing the road

What for? I don’t know

But these chickens had literally stopped traffic

And in a perfect line they marched on

On a mission

A truly hilarious site, I thought anyway

But it made me wonder about where they where going

And it seemed like only the first one knew

The rest where just playing follow the leader

Which is a very common practice when it comes to losing weight

I saw X lose 20kgs doing Y so I’m going to that

Or you know this celebrity said she did this workout to lose an exuberant amount of weight

I see it all the time

I’m constantly getting asked my opinion on the next fad diet that someone has come up with

Or this exercise program

Generally speaking all I ask is where is the evidence

What part did they leave out

Like that celebrity I’m sure they did lose that weight, but they have around the clock trainers and nutritionist guiding every move

And its very easy to lose weight when that is the only thing you have to do all day.

So what I would say to you is look at the evidence

Look to see if there is more than once result

And then make a judgment for yourself

Don’t just blindly follow the leader

They could be leading you somewhere you don’t want to be

That’s all I have for you

Until next time,

Lachlan “About The Facts” Farley


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