Winter Blues

May 18, 2016

There is something about winter that makes people sad

Me included

I am not a big fan of the cold, hell I lived in florida for 3 years, there was a good reason for that

But something about the cold just discourages you to do anything, but curl up by the fire and stay in all day doesn’t it?

And can generally just make you sad

There is actually a few reasons for this

When it is cold generally people do less exercise due to the fact it is miserable outside

You eat more comforting foods which make you feel good at the time but over all not so much

Then there is one of the biggest reasons the sun has gone away

I kid you not without sunlight you will get depressed, it is one of the reasons that the UK has the highest rates of depression because even in summer they dont see the sun.

This is due to vitamin D, which comes from exposure to sunlight

So what’s the answer to winter blues???

Well exercise is a great place to start, release endorphins, kick starts your day and really just gets everything going.

Plus will make the whole body feel good.

Choose better options for warming foods, soups are always a great choice.

And finally supplement with Vitamin D and calcium (Calcium required for proper absorption)

And there you have not only are the winter blues gone, but you will also feel like a million bucks come summer time.

Because as cliche as it is, summer bodies are made in the winter

And I know you’re saying I can’t have a summer body, well my members would suggest other wise. Fitting into bikinis and things that would never have dreamed of.

So it is all possible with the right plan and the correct follow through.

So are you ready to start building the body you desire and feel energetic, youthful and happy again?


I wont be holding this spot for much longer I have already had a few applications submitted.

So dont wait

Until next time,

Lachlan “Man Of Summer” Farley


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