Your Miracle Fix

June 2, 2016

Isn’t that how all good scam emails start

“Today I am going to tell you the secret that will fix everything for”

That’s how they go

Well there is no miracle fix

It does take work and dedication

But if you do those things these techniques are going to sky rocket your results

Hell if this is all you do, you will be a dress size or 2 down in no time

So what are these techniques?

Well we have been talking about them all week

But today I am giving you the exact blue print

Laying it out so that all you have to do is click, read and implement

Enjoy my cheat sheet to a sexy new body

What could be better

So here we go;

Skip breakfast, that’s right there needs to be at least a 16 hour window between dinner the night before

This will create the optimum window to burn fat and use it as an energy source.

Next is the crucial step that most people miss

Here you need to have a high protein, high fat meal.

I recommend something along the lines of salmon, tuna, eggs or even chicken and then an avocado.

There must be no carbs and lots of salad or vegetables.

This part is crucial, get this right and it is a game changer.

This meal should be around that midday mark or whenever 16 hours from dinner falls.

Then we move onto dinner, this is the fun meal when you get heaps more leeway.

Here is where you have your carb source, now there is always better choices such as brown rice, potato, pumpkin, fruit etc

So there it is

All laid out for you to make the best decisions possible

Follow this simple but efective routine and you will on the path to loving your body in no time.

But if you want to take a step further or 5 and want guidance on the exact way to turn your body around TODAY!

Then click the link below now

And book yourself a Transformation Session and we will handle everything for you.

Until then,

Lachlan “Blueprint” Farley


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